Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A unique save the date idea!

Designed by Scott Palmer

The idea for our save the date came late one night. S and I were freaking out, as we had to get our STD's out soon and we didn't have much room in our budget for pricey printed ones. By the way - you can get great deals on save the date and thank you cards from Vistaprint, check them out! We knew we wanted something with a homemade feel to it as well as something that featured us, not just text. We happened to have my parents fancy digital camera on loan and S had a roll of photo backdrop paper laying around so we had an impromptu photo shoot!

We dolled ourselves up and our lovely friend Charlie shot the photos. We came up with the photo strip concept after seeing several STD's that incorporated photo-booth strips. At first we thought about writing the words with markers but then spotted my knitting basket hiding in the corner and were inspired! We spray-glued the photo backing and spelled out the words with yarn. We tried out several different colors and styles and settled on these.

After choosing from 100+ photos, we picked these four. S then, being the amazing graphic designer he is, adjusted the quality so that it resembled the more grainy texture we wanted and we were satisfied!

We sent the file over to a local printer and in less than a week our STD's were ready to go! Also, we opted to send them out without an envelope (in keeping with our green theme) and instead decided to fold them in half and affix a small sticker to close. They looked great and we didn't need to waste any extra paper!


  1. what a cute idea - Not getting married anytime soon (been happily married for 17 years), but could see other uses for this too.

  2. Thanks for the comment. Absolutely, the uses are endless :)

  3. how did you get it in that photo booth shape

  4. Basically its just four photos stacked on a black background with a little space in between. We just cropped the photos so they would fit the dimensions of our card, but theoretically you can make the card any size, as long as it can house the photos in that format.

  5. This is wonderful! I love your eco-friendly, saving paper tactic as well. It's officially been added to our list of favorites. Thanks!

  6. I've been looking for a save the date idea just like this. Love it, and thanks for sharing these great ideas.