Monday, November 30, 2009

Bride Style: Hair

I didn't really think about how I wanted to have my hair until the day before the wedding. I know it sounds crazy but I just didn't really have time to consider it. After I realized it was hot and humid and I was stressed out enough, I just decided to pin it back. And it was the BEST idea I had for the whole wedding! I was so comfortable throughout the ceremony and reception, I was not too hot, and I didn't have to worry about the wind blowing it around too much.

A great resource for checking out some fun and different hair options is looking at celebrity hairstyles.
Unless you trust that your stylist knows you and you share the same vision, I suggest bringing a photo, or several so they have a clear vision. I brought my hair stylist several photos of the same style that I wanted to achieve, and boy was I glad I did! She was able to get a better idea of what I wanted, without any confusion!

Here are some looks I'm loving right now:

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Blogging from 35,000 feet!

Hi Everyone. Sorry about the lapse in posts lately. Its not due to a lack of interest, rather, K and I have been soooooo busy lately trying to keep up with an ever-growing mountain of work! (which is a good thing) So many new projects going on at the moment. Aside from work, we just spent a week in LA visiting family and friends and having a blast. LA was so much fun and people keep tempting us to move there. We will tell you all about our weekend of fun in the next few posts!

On another note, I have to point out that this post is being written on our flight back to our dear NY. We flew Virgin Atlantic this time and have to say that it was a great experience. Our flights were super efficient and we hardly waited for anything. The planes are new and the cabins are lit with cool purple and magenta lights so it feels more clubby than airplane. And the BEST internet on all flights till Jan 15th!

Thank you Richard Branson.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Groom Style: Guys, It's Your Day Too!

Before and After

It is a great understatement that a wedding is highly focused on the female involved (something borrowed something blue). There is absolutely nothing wrong with this but I do feel men should have some sentimental value invested in their wardrobe for that special day.

I have taken you through the wonders of having a custom piece made for your wedding as a guest writer on this blog once before but now I will take it one step beyond and let you in on how you can really step it up.

Recently my father gave me an old tuxedo he purchased back in the day and I had it restored and fitted to perfection and now what was once my father’s black tie gear is now mine. It feels really good to wear it because it’s been passed down to me from him and just as that first game of catch you have with your dad is a bonding experience, so is the moment he hands you one of his old suits. The process could also be enjoyed with an uncle, a grandfather, or even an older cousin. Just make sure the tux/suit is close to your size and can be altered.

If you already have your outfit made or picked out, ask your dad for a set of cufflinks, bow tie, even a shirt. This is something that can bring you closer to a strong male figure in your life as well as make the day just as special for you as it is for your bride to be.

Guest post by Dennis Cahlo of Made to Measure