Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Teen Dream

I was on the bus today and just thinking about how my life has changed since I was sixteen. Why sixteen? I guess because it was such a big deal to me. I remember wondering about how amazing everything would be once I turned sixteen. I don't know what I thought was going to happen but I swore I felt different the next day. So what would my sixteen year old self think of me today?

She would think I'm doing pretty great. (I think...)

Some thoughts from the sixteen year old me:

-I've been to some pretty cool places (and still more to come!)

-I have a cool husband. Seriously. I think teen me would think S was great. In fact, if I think of what I was looking for in a boyfriend then, it doesn't really differ that much. (Maybe a few things...)

-I probably thought I'd have more money saved up by now. (oops!)

-Although I DO live in New York City. This is impressive when you're sixteen. And now? See above.

-Evident of my sorry savings, I have managed to obtain some fabulous shoes/clothes/books/records/knick knacks that would make teen me jealous.

-And more importantly some AMAZING friends! (equally jealous!)

-I am following my dreams and trying to indulge in my passions. Teen me was afraid I wouldn't be able to.

-I have a great relationship with my parents despite those awful fights (eek!)

In short, sixteen year old me would probably think that I am turning out to be a damn cool "adult." Ha! Who would have thought? Although, she would be pretty upset that my real life was not at all like Dawson's Creek.

What would your sixteen year old self think of you now? Be honest...

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Things I Love: Fashionable Babies

Alexander Wang's niece at NYFW.

My future daughter's style icon.