Sunday, May 23, 2010

Wedding Favors

Ah, the wedding favors. We wanted to give our guests something that they could actually use while keeping true to our barny, homemade theme. I really really wanted to make my own hot sauce and jar it up to give as gifts but in the end we didn't have so much time. We came up with the idea of honey in jars.

We sourced the honey from a local farmer - something like 8 gallons in total (8 large jugs)
Then we bought 4 oz. glass jars and pewter lids from an online candle supply co., and I got to work designing round labels that were printed on sheets of avery label paper, each one cut out with a circle cutter.

Once we had the honey and jars in hand, we began filling them one-by-one with a ladle with help from our roommate Charlie.

Success! The honey was a hit and no jars were left behind.