Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Make your wedding crafty!

The days, weeks, and months leading up to the wedding were filled with tasks and to-do lists. However, one of the more fun and (sometimes) stress-free tasks was crafting with our friends! Being that Husband and I both have such wonderful and gracious friends, it usually didn't take more than a bottle of wine to coax them into trading in their friday nights for origami/wedding night with us!

Photos by Chad Hunt

Come wedding day, walking into the barn and seeing all the hard work and love that went into all these little details made both of us feel so lucky to have such an amazing community of people who love and support us.


  1. i love love love your wedding! thanks for sharing! we're doing a similar theme in a month in rural connecticut. are those bamboo plates and forks? i was thinking of doing the same- did that work out ok for you and the guests, and where did you find them? i've been looking everywhere. thx!

  2. Heya Kat. Thanks for the sweet words — glad you like our blog and wedding! Congrats, as well, on your upcoming nuptuals.

    To answer your questions, yes, those are Bambu plates you see, but not Bambu utensils. We were going to get other plates because Bambu are not exactly inexpensive. But in the end, they won out for the aesthetics and went perfectly with our theme. The best deal we found on the net was at webstaurantstore.com

    As for the utensils, we sourced them from this great Canadian company called Aspenware. aspenware.ca

    They worked out great for us and looked sensational too. Our guests also loved that our wedding had a "green" theme.

    Keep us posted on what you decide for your wedding and best of luck to you!

  3. Hello, I am so impressed and inspired by your wedding. It looks lovely and charming. Our wedding is next summer at our home/farm. Can you please tell me where you got your napkins? I plan to use the aspenware and bambu plates but I also love the color or "non-color" of your napkins. Thank you for sharing your wedding with us all. I'm "borrowing" many ideas. All the best.

  4. Hello. Thank you so much for reading our blog and I'm glad you liked the wedding! We were happy with how it turned out. Congratulations to you as well! And how lucky are you to be able to have your wedding at your own home/farm?! So great!

    Our napkins were actually just Seventh Generation paper towels. We were trying to find the perfect ones for a while, with that same "non-color" that you mentioned, and this was what we came up with! We bought 2 rolls at about less than $3 a roll, and used the individual sheets to wrap around the place setting with alternating ribbon and twine. After much debate, we decided to fold them into the accordion design that you see in the photos. It ended up looking great and cut down on our budget a ton! Happy planning and S and I hope to see how your wedding turns out this summer!!