Sunday, July 19, 2009

Bride Style: Always A Bridesmaid...

Photo by Chad Hunt

I must begin this post by saying that I had the most wonderful bridesmaids. I was lucky in the fact that they were all very agreeable with anything I chose and also because they are all easy on the eyes! They all would have looked fantastic in any old dress but I think my bridesmaids looked particularly lovely in the chartreuse halters I picked out from J.Crew.

Choosing whether or not you want your bridesmaids to wear matching dresses may be a tough decision. It was difficult for Husband and me to decide if we even wanted a traditional bridal party. In the end, we decided we needed the help and support of our closest friends and we couldn't imagine them not being a part of our wedding!

I digress. Back to the dresses!

Are we being too "match-matchy?" Is it too traditional? Should we just let our "party" wear what they choose? You can absolutely be flexible with your preference of dress code or even just pick a specific color family to work within. S and I felt like we really wanted the people in our bridal party to be highlighted. We wanted the rest of our lovely guests to know that these are some of the people without whom we couldn't have accomplished everything we had up to that point (both in the wedding and in our lives).

With that, we decided on specific bridesmaid and groomsmen attire. I had an idea for dresses somewhere in the yellow family, being that we were having a summer wedding and all. I looked to several designers, however I found J.Crew to be the most consistent with dresses I actually liked and thought my girlfriends would also like (and hopefully wear again!). I checked the website regularly and then one day spotted the dress we ended up choosing. I loved the surprising chartreuse color and the style of the dress.

The halter neckline, fitted bodice, and tea length full skirt were reminiscent of a 1950's style summer picnic dress, which was the feeling I had wanted (without having poodle skirts and polka dots). And it has pockets! Who doesn't love a dress with pockets?! In the end, all the girls looked fabulous in the dresses and the color and style worked together seamlessly with the groomsmen, flowers, and overall feeling of the day.

Photo by Charlie Hart

When choosing matching dresses for your favorite girls to wear, I recommend:

1. Consider all their body types. Hopefully you know your sister/girl friend/distant cousin enough to know how she usually dresses for her body type and what she will look best in. (If you don't, ask!)

2. Colors/Styles. Are the dresses going to clash with what the groomsmen are wearing? Or worse, with what you're wearing? Remember, you're going to be photographed a lot with these people. Also, does the style and fabric of the dress fit with your theme? You may not want your girls wearing heavy silk gowns if the guys are planning on wearing linen suits and vice-versa.

3. Comfort. Yes, we know, you're the bride. But these are also your closest friends so be nice! Since you are already essentially choosing something for them to both buy and wear to your wedding, hopefully you will at least choose not only a dress they will love but also a dress that they will be comfortable in all night. Just as you will have to be in your wedding dress all day, they will be right beside you during all the photo taking and such. Please don't subject your most wonderful friends and family to wearing a ball gown in the 90 degree weather. Have a heart!

Lastly, I will say (again) that I had the most wonderful friends who all told me exactly what they thought of all my selections, which helped a lot. We didn't have much trouble coming to an agreement and in the end (I hope!) they all loved wearing them in the wedding. More likely than not, someone will have something to say about the choices you make along the way (dresses, etc.). Take everything into consideration but also remember you can't please everyone. Be as gracious as you can to accommodate everyone and not offend any one person but don't let it hinder your own ideas for your perfect day! Remember: You're friends and family love you and they just want you to be happy on you're most special day. (And if they don't remember that, remind them!!)

Photo by Chad Hunt

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