Monday, August 20, 2012

Decadent Weekend Cleanse


I don't know about you but I am trying to make the most of these last few summer weekends. That means barbeques, ice cream, and boardwalk snacks at the beach. During the week, we eat a balanced diet full of delicious fruits and vegetables from our CSA. But summer weekends often find us strolling around our neighborhood and stopping for an improptu lunch or indulging in fresh fish tacos at the beach.

Sometimes, after too many pizza slices, I need to hit the refresh button on Monday morning. Just a simple detox from sugar, take out, and general decadence. This is not any kind of specific cleanse involving rigorous juicing or steamed fish. Just simplifying for a few days to bring my body back to center. This is also very effective after traveling and eating at too many restaurants or a particularly large meal the evening before. I can immediately feel the difference, especially when I begin feeling lethargic and low on energy.

The plan:

  • Drink lot's of water throughout the day. 
  • Drink a large glass of water with a splash of raw Apple Cider Vinegar first thing in the morning.
  • Eliminate any food with sugar. (Not fruit)
  • Eliminate refined flour foods. 
  • Incorporate a majority or raw and cleansing fruits and vegetables.
  • Limit dairy.
  • Limit anything "heavy" or difficult to digest.
  • Substitute green tea for coffee.
None of this is set in stone. This is not a "diet" or anything long term. I am not doing this to lose weight. Although this could be incorporated into a longer term, weight loss plan if desired. 

Anyway, the point is, just to eat this way until I feel well. Maybe a couple of days. Maybe until next weekend. Also, if I want to have a piece of toast, I eat it. If I need a coffee, I drink it. These are just some guidelines that I have noticed optimize my well being.

What do you do to refresh after a few days of indulging?


  1. this is preciously what i needed this monday morning. THANK YOU!

  2. So awesome! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I most definitely can relate to this. Ever since my son was born, I've been eating super healthy and "cleansing" myself since I plan on breastfeeding for the long run. I've cut out dairy and drink about 90oz of water a day. I just recently started making smoothies packed with vitamins, which give me more energy and is a great way to get a bunch of nutrients through a delicious drink!

    P.S. love your blog : )

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