Monday, August 6, 2012

Sakura Bloom Sling Diaries: Fun

This is my final post for the Sling Diaries. The topic this time around was fun. It sounds so obvious but I am amazed daily how much fun it is to have little Phoenix in my life. I am equally amazed at how my definition of fun has changed. Pre baby, a fun day or evening would include sparkly shoes and a few cocktails, dancing and walking home with the sun coming up. These days a fun day involves a spontaneous family walk in a different neighborhood, ice cream, and swing time. It may not include as many late nights but at least there are no hang overs!

The day these photos were taken, Scott and I were both having those kind of days where everything seemed to take forever/was annoying/sucked the life out of you. By 4 pm, we were both wiped. Usually we would start winding down, getting P ready for dinner, and starting our evening routine. Instead, I suggested we pop over to our old neighborhood and get some air. We ended up staying out a bit too late, the baby got cranky, and we had to rush home. But it was worth it. Sometimes you need to break up the days and weeks.

As I mentioned in my last post, the days can get long. The weeks all start feeling the same. It difficult to feel inspired and excited when your routine is the same day in and day out. The challenge with being a parent to a little one is keeping that spontaneity. It's easy to get stuck in the day-to-day. And while we can't get too far away from our routine (with looming bed times and potential meltdowns) we try to take liberties when we can. Sometimes it takes more effort than staying home would, but it's worth it to feel that sense freedom. 

When Leigh emailed me about being a part of the Sling Diaries, I was thrilled to be a part of this project. I have loved wearing Phoenix every day and I plan on continuing as long as this wiggly boy allows me to. It has brought us comfort when P was upset or when I was overwhelmed, countless sleepy naps, dance parities, protection for a tiny newborn, a place to feel safe, hours of exploration from a perfect vantage point, an easy nursing companion, a blanket, a beach cover up, peek a boo games, the ability for mama to make breakfast, lunch, and dinner most days, and most importantly, a closeness that untouched by any other "tool" or "baby stuff." In other words, it's been fun. And I can't imagine being a mom and not wearing my baby. It is truly of of the best parts of my day.

Thank you Leigh and thank you Sakura Bloom for allowing me to a be a part of this very special photo diary. I would have been wearing my baby anyway, but probably not with this much style and comfort. 


  1. I love his big smile! Very sweet!

  2. Love that smiley swing shot! Very fun series. Glad to have discovered your blog through it! :)