Monday, July 16, 2012

Sakura Bloom Sling Diaries: History

When I was thinking of how to incorporate history with my Sakura Bloom post, I was inspired to go back to where our story began. In the East Village, NYC. This is where Scott and I met, where we grew to know and love one another, our first apartment together, and the place where Phoenix was born. We moved out of our precious neighborhood after P was born (across the river) but we still visit all the time and like to show him where his roots lay.
These photos are taken in front of the house that Phoenix was born in. The building is from the 1850's and was once a tenement building. Who knows how many other babies were born there, how many kids ran down this street, and how many other sweet couples build their first home here.
My heart always feels so full as soon as we turn down this block. It's truly a special part of our family history. 

I am wearing the Sakura Bloom Pure Linen Sling in Driftwood