Thursday, July 7, 2011

24 Weeks

Firstly, thank you all who read my last post. It was a tough story to write but I'm so happy I did. Thank you all for your comments here, facebook, via email, and text message (friends!).

Since writing it on Monday, I must have reread it about a dozen times and each time felt so sad for the girl in the story. I was telling Scott that it feels like such a distant memory now. Of course a part of that experience will stay with me forever, but just reading that post, it didn't even feel like my life. I guess that's the last step in grieving...acceptance.

Anyway, here I am. 24 weeks! Phew. Feeling all kinds of exhausted and energetic. There are moments that I am scrubbing the base boards (um, yeah...) and of course, moments that I am a walking zombie. But in general, I've been feeling pretty good. I have to say, being pregnant in the summer is not half as bad as I thought it would be. I was imagining myself laid out in front of the ac, with a wet towel over myself. Ha! Since it's been pretty nice in the morning and late afternoon, walking a lot is not too challenging. And when it's WAY to hot, I go to the gym. Or yoga. Or I sit in front of said ac. Can't be active ALL THE TIME!

Growing a baby is exhausting people.

But this week there have also been a lot of changes. I feel like I look really pregnant. As in, people asking me how many weeks I have left, pregnant. YEAH, I KNOW! Hello people! I still have three months to go!

Also this week, Scott has been able to feel baby boy kicking more from outside of my belly. I've been feeling him for several weeks now and Scott has felt a sort of something here and there but the past few night, little one has been practicing his high kicks right before bed and hubs has has a lot more time to bond, as they say...

What else? Well I'm officially off my cooking strike and have been cooking and eating up a storm. Want some summer meal ideas? Okay! I'll get on that! Why not?

And I'm finally able to eat cheesy foods again. Riveting information, I know...

This last week has been spent BBQing with family, reading trashy magazines on the beach with friends, and surrounded by lot's of love. Here's to summer!

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  1. You look fantastic! And, I'm glad to hear that being pregnant in the summer isn't as rough as folks make it out to be.