Thursday, April 5, 2012

Teething + A Giveaway

(It's a crappy photo photo but it was just too cute)

Oh are no joke. For months little P has been drooling and gnawing on everything in sight while everyone exclaims, "OH! He must be teething." I was guessing, well maybe and that I was so lucky I had a happy teething baby. Not like those horror stories you hear of inconsolable babies and night waking. Not my P...
Enter baby tooth #1.

He has caused Phoenix so much distress and mama (and papa) so much heartache. Just seeing our little nugget struggling to settle down and wake up screaming in pain is terrible. While we have been giving him some homeopathic drops and helping him chew on everything, including us, our poor little man is so unlike himself these days. Yesterday we headed out for our daily walk with a few friends and P cried almost the entire time. I had to hold him, sleeping, almost the whole way. Even the swings failed to cheer him up much. And while I'm crushed about him having to be so uncomfortable, I feel even more emotional about the fact that he actually has a tooth. Every time he clamps down hard on my finger and I feel that sharp piercing of my skin, I feel both proud of him and a little sad that my tiny gummy baby is growing up. It never ends.

While nothing can truly take away the pain that is the teething monster. There are some things that help. We have been using two popular homeopathic teething drops, Vibrucol and Boiron. They are life savers at night. During the day we just do things to keep our minds off of it: take walks, go to park, play, play, play, sing, chew on e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g. You know...
And while P loves his Sophie (finally), we were also gifted a lovely wooden teething ring that he is more than happy to gnaw on as well these days. I think the hard, smooth surface feels good against his sore little gums. JL Wooden Toys makes beautiful handmade wooden toys and teethers. They are a local business and are really reasonable too! I can tell you that we already bought the train and while P can't actually play with it yet, he likes to stare at it lovingly on his toy shelf and also pick it up and drop it. Baby success.

JL Wooden Toys has generously given me two beautiful cherry wood teether to give away here! All you have to do to enter is "like" JL Wooden Toys on Facebook and leave a comment on this blog (Facebook comments cannot be entered, unfotrtunately). I will randomly choose two winners in a week from today. For extra chances to win:
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Good luck and happy teething :)


  1. I would love the teether! I liked the Paper Hearts Facebook page:)

  2. Those teethers are beautiful! My one year old is teething and very cranky about it :(

  3. Ive read about these teethers on amazon but wasnt sure enough about them to commit! Wooden teethers are beautiful and I'm glad they're helping your little one. So far, for our little Zoey, dada's fingers have been the best soother! hahaha Zoey's just cut her two bottom teeth and I feel ya, both proud and sad at the same time. (from October 2011 board on babycenter)

  4. Yay to supporting local business AND wooden toys! Oh Mama I know your pain. It's so hard to see them suffering (and to have them chew through the pain while nursing!). Biet has 4 teeth so far and it has been quite an event each time one grew in. She would love that teether!