Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Home Birth

That's right. We are those crazy people that want to birth their child in our home.

I was waiting for a good time to write about this topic and our personal choices but as it turns out, it's always a good time be honest and share your views. Who knew?

Anyway, our choice to pursue home birthing came pretty naturally. Scott and I try to live our lives in a way that keeps us closest to the source of whatever the situation is, while enjoying our urban life. That means eating well, trying our hand at building/making/crafting things we need, supporting businesses/farmers/artists we love, and the list goes on and on.

Even before I was pregnant we talked a lot about how we wanted to raise our children and the first thing we agreed upon was how we wanted to bring them into the world. And for us, what made the most sense was being in our home, wherever that was. Right now it's our tiny NYC apartment. And so it goes...

We began our adventure by researching midwives who deliver babies at home in Manhattan. I originally went to a conventional OB to take care of all my prenatal blood work and preliminary tests. To make a long story short, I was appalled by the level of care I received. This is a very well known practice with very in demand doctors. Obviously the patients do not receive the same courtesy. My appointments lasted maybe ten minutes, after waiting for an hour and a hlaf in the waiting room. Yeah, no thanks.

The happy ending is that we transfered to an AMAZING midwife with her own practice. During our first appointment, she sat with us for an hour and we just chatted about everything. Outside of the standard medical questions, she asked me about my fears, how I was doing emotionally, our experience so far...I finally felt like I was cared for (outside of hubs/family/friends of course) in this pregnancy.

I know this is a really controversial topic right now and every family has their own feelings and fears about the very important subject of giving birth. I don't want to go into a million reasons about why WE feel its safer/better/more responsible/and all around great to welcome your babe into a happy home environment.

Some days I have anxiety about having enough space but even though our place is small, it's definitely larger than a hospital room! I'm sure I'll be writing more about it more. But until then watch The Business of Being Born if you haven't yet!

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  1. rebecca (and Teddy and Miles)June 14, 2011 at 10:57 PM

    I watched that film before I gave birth and it gave me terrible anxiety! I would have loved a home birth, but seeing as baby boy decided to break my water without contractions I had to be induced. Bah. Friends of ours just had a successful home birth in their tiny east village apartment! I think it is such a special thing. Your labor and delivery is uniquely yours and keep it that way! I can't wait to have a second and use my knowledge to help guide me to a more natural birth.

  2. Hellooooo! I just discovered your adorable blog via TBB. Wanted to say hi! And congrats on your pregnancy!

    I am almost 30 weeks along right now with my second. I watched Business of Being Born a few months before I got pregnant and it made me want a home birth. But as it turns out, I've decided what I wanted anyway was another birth at the hospital. My first was born at the hospital, and I had a very pleasant experience in every way. To each his own. I hope yours goes easy and turns out like you want it!


  3. Hello!!!
    My name is Belle & I have a one month old daughter whom I birthed at home. I am rebecca's friend who she mentioned above! Please let me know if you'd like to meet & I'll tell you all about my experience (it was wonderful). I'm in the East Village!

  4. I have a 17 month old son and I was undecided about home birthing - I have friends who had a home/water birth but then they swayed me off the idea of doing it with my first.

    When it came down to being in labour I did a lot of that at home simply because I had an impression the hospital would force a lot of pressure onto us - when I felt the time was right, we hit the hospital. The weird thing is that I don't regret my decision - I'm glad I didn't go all the way for a home birth because there were a few birthing complications that would have sent me into hospital if I'd been at home so I think I would have felt very defeated to be at home and then have to be sent to hospital....

    Okay long comment! HA. My point is; go for it. Get prepared, educated and empowered about it and do it :). Good luck!