Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Here it goes...

I've been waiting months to write this out and yet I can't find the right words...

We're having a baby.

I was thinking of posting a funny video or something else clever but decided against it. What I'm feeling is such a pure joy and excitement that it doesn't need gimmicks.

There are so many emotions and jumbled thoughts to write about but for now, these are the only words that I can piece together.

S and I are great. Bambino is great. All is perfect...

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  1. this, THIS made my day. sending all my love, karolinka!! <3 meah, iweczek i irlandia

  2. OooOoooo Yeyyyy!!! You owe me a wine tasting Love you # 1

  3. YEY! Overjoyed doesn't cover. Way to go. Love love love from all 3 Eldroses.