Friday, August 7, 2009

Groom Style: Guest Post for PH+C by Made to Measure


{Paper Hearts + Cranes is excited to present the very first installment of a series dedicated to Groom Style by Dennis Cahlo of Made to Measure}


The world of wedding style for men is rapidly evolving. Where as before we had only the option of the traditional formal Tuxedo, we are now living in a time where the rules and game have changed.

If it was my own wedding I would wear a tuxedo because {a} I own one and {b} I like them. But what about if you just want to go against the grain a bit and wear just a suit? Well, my dear chaps, you are in luck but I am about to school you very hard and fast on what to avoid and what to look for.

The first option that comes to mind is a full custom suit. I mean, this is a huge day for you, sir. Why have something ill fitting on your frame and embarrass your bride, family, and soon to be in laws? Not to mention all those pictures your photographer will be taking. Ah, the memories. I digress. A custom suit is something really special and sacred that you will get lots of use out of way after your wedding. I suggest going for colors all depending on where the occasion is held. For example, if you are on a beach go for a beautiful Khaki cotton or linen suit. PLEASE DO NOT WEAR SANDALS. Pick up some nice loafers and make sure you go sockless. For something more formal but not as traditional like an outdoor setting you can go for a beautiful Navy or Gray pinstripe. Put a nice flower in the button hole of your lapel, slim down your tie, and throw a pocket square in that breast pocket of yours. You are going to look classy as hell and at the same time you will not outshine your bride to be.

As a second option, you can take a cue from Scott and buy a higher end off the rack suit (Paul Smith) and have it tailored to perfection. Again, follow the color guide lines based on where you are having your big day but MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THE SUIT TAILORED BY A PRO.

For shirts I also suggest custom and you can go with white or pink. Make sure it’s nothing to flashy, ruffled, or heavily patterned. That is a huge mistake. You want to be subtle while still being bold.

The key to being creative with your wedding attire is to look really good and not break the bank. Stay away from clich├ęs or even “ironic” looks. As I said before, this is your big day, buddy. Don’t mess it up.

For more information on where to get custom clothing please visit my blog here.

All the best,

Dennis Cahlo

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