Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Hi, I'm here. Just taking a breath. Last week we were in Amsterdam. Yesterday was my birthday. I feel like this year, more than any other, I have a lot to be thankful for and a lot to reflect upon. This past year was the most challenging and enriching one I've lived through. I entered it three months pregnant and finished it with an almost seven month baby. That is an incredible span of events in just a year. I celebrated last year bowling with most of the same amazing people whom I spent laughing with this year. Scott and I hosted a brunch on Sunday with a few of our closest friends. There was great food, plenty of bloody marys, a butterfly cake, and lot's of laughs. As I stepped back and looked around the room, filled with people who came over just to spend time together and make my day special, with a bubbly baby boy (almost) crawling around, and a sweet husband at my side,  I couldn't ask for much more.

The first few days of my new year have been quiet and gloomy outside but on the inside, my heart is full of gratitude for such a tremendous year and anticipation for what's ahead. Having a birthday on the cusp of summer is always a nice way to start the new year. I am looking forward to watching this little baby blossom into the funny little boy he is becoming, build my business and support more new moms, spend lot's of quality time with family and friends, travel as much as we can, and look back on this day next year with the same appreciation I have today.

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