Monday, March 19, 2012

Chocolate chips & Sakura Bloom

I ate chocolate chips this morning straight from the freezer. That's the kind of morning I'm having, in case you were wondering. Last night was rough. I think Phoenix is teething, which resulted in every-half-hour wake up cries. But so it goes. Most nights are not as restless. In moments of absolute delirium I have to remind myself that he needs me. This time is short lived and his needs are greater than sleep....and then I eat chocolate. Not even actual chocolate. Frozen chocolate chips. This is real life.

But all is not lost. We are waking up (kind of) today still basking in the glow of our fantastic weekend as well as on the cusp of a warm spring week. Lush.

On Friday, I went out for the first time sans baby and husband. Well, for the evening that is. I made plans to meet a girlfriend just down the street for a beer. We thought about a few other places but I thought it would be wise not to stray too far. It's a good thing I didn't because halfway through my beer husband called with a sad baby in the background. Turns out baby wanted more milk than I left at home. Bummer. So I booked it home the three blocks and nursed baby boy back to sleep. Poor little guy. He was so upset. Sweetly, husband decided to push us back out the door for another drink. So we popped around the corner to a neighborhood bar for one more beer. The whole night was much needed and so much fun. As much as I love my new life and little P, I do miss having to freedom to ocassionally pop out to meet a friend in the evening. This was nice.

The rest of the weekend was spent celebrating with my parents for my mom's birthday and finding treasures at the Brooklyn Flea market.

Last but certainly not least...I am so excited and honored to be a part of a new photo project from Sakura Bloom and organized by Leigh of Marvelous Kiddo. (Who just gave birth to a beautiful baby girl today. Congrats!) I've been reading Leigh's stories since she was pregnant with her second baby and have been inspired by her effortless style in baby wearing her two boys as well as her gentle approach to mothering. Her posts about home births were a great source of inspiration for having my own. Thank you for picking me! I am truly so inspired and grateful to be included. My first post goes up in just a few days. (In these photos I am wearing the Essential Silk Sling in Eggplant/Aubergine.)

(From Marvelous Kiddo)

A photo-documentary chronicling the art of babywearing in the lives of thirteen families. Over the course of six months, contestants will compete by creating their own Sling Diary with a series of wordless entries interpreting a unique theme given to them each month.

They are thirteen women with creative, unique voices, great style sense, and a passion for babywearing (plus thirteen of the cutest babies in blogdom!).

The Sling Diaries will come to life with an emphasis on beautiful photography and creative interpretation of six different assigned themes. Contestants will create one blog post (diary entry) per month featuring photos of themselves wearing their Sakura Bloom sling. Each month, the curatorial team at Sakura Bloom will select photos from each diary entry and these images will come together on The Sling Diaries Pinterest page. When all entries are complete, our panel of three judges will select their favorite Sling Diary from the project and the winner will receive a $500 Sakura Bloom gift certificate.

The event will be hosted on the official Sling Diaries Pinterest page, with updates and giveaways happening right here on Marvelous Kiddo. And of course, you can also follow along by reading the blogs of our thirteen contestants! 

So that's it. Make sure you check out the Pinterest page as well as the other amazing participants' pages. Oh, and don't miss the giveaway on  Marvelous Kiddo!


  1. Your little boy is such a cutie! My boy is just a few months older. I found your blog from the babywearing photo project. Excited to follow!

    1. Hi Christy! Thanks :) Your babe is so sweet too!