Sunday, October 11, 2009

Groom Style: Groomsmen Gifts

Ah, this is a topic that I once found daunting before our wedding. I wanted to get my groomsmen a unique gift. But what?? Well, perhaps its easier if you are dealing with a more typical caste of guys who would appreciate a fancy pen, or a monogrammed money clip. But, alas, my male friends are different. They don't like sports. None of them wear formal attire very often. None of them work in any kind of office...and none of them would appreciate an NFL engraved pint glass.

At first, I considered getting a monogrammed liquor flask for them, but then decided it was too typical and cliché, so I reconsidered. I even thought of getting them a boot-shaped pint glass just as an ironic joke but, regrettably, I know that no one would really use it. In the end I thought of the perfect gift: a pocket knife!

A nice, ivory-handled, double-blade folding pocket knife from Knife Depot.

Success!! They all loved the knives I got them and remarked at how original (and functional) their gifts were. So, if you are in the market to buy some unique gifts for your favorite guys, try to think of it as a more personal thank you rather than a cheesy token that will gather dust in a closet...or worse, be re-gifted to someone else.

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