Monday, September 14, 2009

Giveaway: Marriott Bonus Bucks!

While my and Husband's honeymoon was so amazing and we had a blast, it cost us so much money! Of course we wanted to splurge on fancy meals and massages, as well as nice hotels, but it just wasn't possible to do everything we wanted to. After all, we had a normal life to get back to, filled with expenses and new homes! Well, fear no more! You now have the option to "do it all" with Marriott Registry!

At engaged couples can register for a number of honeymoon items – hotel accommodations, spa services, romantic dinners and more. Gift values are accrued to one gift card, which the couple can then redeem at approximately 3,000 Marriotts either during the honeymoon or for future vacations. Additionally, Marriott will throw in a complimentary $100 when registry contributions reach $1,000 as well as rewarding guests with $50 Marriott Bonus Bucks for every $100 they give towards the registry. How great is that?

With the economy being the way it is, and people wanting to, overall, cut back on accumulating too much "stuff" this is a great opportunity to have your dream honeymoon! Also great for the couple who already has everything they need.

With that said, S and I will pick ONE winner to receive $50 Marriott Bonus Bucks (This can be used on a 2 night stay at any Marriott location). The winner will be chosen next week.

Simply leave us a comment below with your answer to the question, "How would you spend your dream honeymoon?"!

Bonne chance :)

image via Le Love


  1. Well K&S, I would spend MY perfect honeymoon with my honey. We would escape the day to day grind of the stressful work life and spend a relaxing month (or more if my boss didnt murder me) in a hut in the water in Tahiti ( sipping pina coladas out of coconuts. Our typical honeymoon day would consist of sleeping in until 9am, eating breakfast on the deck while sipping green tea and stretching out our tea time until 10am chatting about our hopes and dreams as a couple. Then we'll slip into our suits and float on tubes with our legs dangling in the cystal clear blue water until we turn into prunes. Soon enough it'll be lunch time where we will feast on freshly caught local fish with a nice cold corona. We will then tour the beautiful areas and take a nice boat ride around the island. Our dinner will take place on the beach with a table full of candles to add to the romantic touch. (Of course there will be a full moon to set the mood). After dinner we would take a long walk along to beach before returning to our hut for a snuggly evening under the stars. The entire month will consist of local tours of the island, romantic evenings, and our daily elongated chats over tea. I will occassionally hit the spa while the hubby hits the golf course, obviously not being apart for more than 2 hours :) At the close of the month we will have an amazing tan, as well as a peaceful mind, and a very happy heart. We will return to the hustle and bustle of everyday life knowing that we started our life together the best way we couldve imagined and we will always make time for our morning tea. The End :)

  2. Well...Perfect...Lets see...

    Me(Shannon) and my Daniel in a quiet small authentic Italian restaurant in the heart of Tuscany. The kind were everyone is related and there are candles in wine bottles and red and white table cloths. With a large glass of red and fresh bread with o&v on the little plate. A dinner where all we see is each other across the table in the flicker of the candle light and nothing else in the world matters at the one instant.

    That sounds like perfect to me!

  3. The perfect honeymoon... We are standing on our balcony, overlooking the ocean. It is nighttime and although we cannot see all the details of the ocean, we hear it as the waves make their way to the shore. A beautiful rhythm that breaks the otherwise stillness. We then take in a deep breath of the fresh salty air. We look up, amazed at the array of stars, millions of them filling the sky. We pause a moment to truly take in the vastness of this incredible universe. When we go to sleep, we smile again as we hear the sound of the waves lapping at the shore. Then in the morning, we gently open our eyes to see and feel the warm gentle glow of the sun streaming into our window. Then 50 years later as we celebrate our golden wedding anniversary we can both recall those moments in perfect detail.